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Concert of Calypso Rose in Vierzon

Calypso Rose invites you to an amazing musical trip to the Mac-Nab Theater of Vierzon, November 23.

With family or friends, come to vibrate on festive sounds of the West Indies, staying in one of the 37 rooms of the hotel Continental in Vierzon. The hotel is less than 2 km from the concert hall.

A ray of sunshine in the gray of autumn will cross Vierzon and its surroundings. And to see it, you are invited to come to the Mac-Nab. This ray of sunshine is symbolized by a small piece of woman with great talent. It will make you dance to the Caribbean rhythms, these bewitching and catchy rhythms, which will make you forget, for the evening, all your worries.

The Calypso is a musical genre that comes from the Caribbean, mainly from Trinidad and Tobago. It is a two-stroke carnival music, which mixes both the song to text and rhythmic characteristic Kaiso.

The Queen of Calypso was born in a small village in Tobago. His first album, Calypso Rose, wrote in 1955 after attending a concert where a man stole two women on stage. She denounces the woman's inequality there. The album exceeded a million copies, which was enormous at the time.

But do not rely solely on her exotic joy, as the artist herself recalls, because Calypso also evokes less glamorous themes such as prostitution, exclusion, poverty ...

Her struggle for human condition and dignity earned her the reward for her work, thanks to committed texts, as evidenced by the award of the "Most Outstanding Woman" of the National Committee for Action for Women in 1991.

2017 is a year of dreams for Calypso Rose, indeed she wins the famous prize for the best album in the category Musiques du Monde. Follow her Facebook account and Calypso Rose website.

Come and attend this concert at the Mac-Nab in Vierzon, which will retrace more than 60 years of career. A career rich in human and musical encounters with the greatest singers of recent decades including Manu Chao.

Price: from 15 € to 37 €

Information, reservations and sales
At the box office of the Mac-Nab Theater, 37 avenue de la République in Vierzon.
By telephone on 02 48 53 02 61 (distance selling possible).

Reservation available on the various web site selling online.
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