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Listening to the roar of the deer in Berry

Take advantage of your stay in our Continental hotel to watch the deer slab, a few kilometres from Vierzon.

At the very beginning of autumn, when the days shorten and the temperatures cool down, it is the ideal time to observe this amazing ritual from the depths of time: the deer slab.

The slab is this powerful scream, very guttural, pushed by male deer to attract the attention of females in rutting season, or to intimidate competitors for breeding. The fertility period of the deer is very short, barely a day, so the slab period does not last long. The best time to observe them - without disturbing them - is at the very end of the day, early evening, or very early in the morning, on the edge of the forest.

Several associations and individuals who are passionate about nature propose outings to observe and listen to the deer's bellowing, often accompanied by documentary screenings and exchanges with the organizers to learn more about this majestic animal, the king of our forests in Sologne.

Not to be missed if you are in Vierzon during this period.

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The deer's slab, in video.
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