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Le festival des lendemains qui enchantent

For the first time, the association Ciné Rencontres de Vierzon organizes a festival dedicated to documentary films.

The idea of ​​creating a festival was in the head of the president, John Ryan, for a long time. He even thought that this idea would never happen. But this year, the association have decided to make this dream a reality!

Where does this strange name come from?

This new festival is considered as a social festival. The aim of the festival is to emergence speech and debate. This is why they chose to call it the "Festival of Tomorrows that enchant"

On the program of this festival, 2 documentary films, an organic meal and a conference on participative democracy.

The selected films are devoted to the citizens' initiative.

The first documentary is "Food Coop" takes the example of a self-managed supermarket in New York. Second documentary on the program: "Clicks of conscience" by John Attias and Alexandre Lumbroso. This documentary highlights the petitions on the internet and the power that citizens have.

The projection of these 2 documentaries will be punctuated by an organic meal and a conference on participatory democracy will also be given by 2 professionals in the field.

And at the end of the day, the Alternativa Tour, a group of cyclists who travels across Europe to raise awareness of global warming.
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