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The Berry porcelain road in France

By staying at Vierzon Hotel Continental, you will be tempted to discover and experience the history of the region. The porcelain route is waiting for you to discover another facet of the rich heritage of the territory. It will take you to the museums of Foëcy, Mehun-sur-Yèvre, Vierzon ...

By taking the porcelain road, you will inevitably encounter symbols of the history of this industry that shaped the territory and its inhabitants. The way of life and work are largely changed. This land is marked by the exploitation of its subsoil for centuries. The discovery of kaolin, a material essential to the manufacture of porcelain, is a turning point in the history of this art.

Walking through the cities of Vierzon, Mehun-sur-Yèvre and Allichamps, you will come across the old porcelain-making instruments. They are in total discrepancy with those of today. This lag allows us to see the technological and technological evolution of this industry.

Porcelain is the alchemy of earth and fire

This white gold has long made the richness of these localities, as they like to recall the berrchons. What to say when you face all these objects that have found themselves on the great royal and presidential tables. These objects will transport you through the history of France.

And by making the hotel Continental de Vierzon and 37 rooms, your bass camp, you will be at the crossroads of this historic route of French industry.
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