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Goat cheese from Berry

Enjoy your stay at Le Continental in Vierzon in Berry and taste the various local goat cheeses. Authentic, the goat cheeses will make you discover new flavors.

Among all these goat cheeses, there are many AOPs (protected designation of origin),  the European equivalent of AOC.

The famous Crottin de Chavignol

Originating from Chavignol, this goat cheese with hazelnuts and walnuts is a small round cheese with raw milk, made from whole goat's milk. Its dough is white and fairly firm according to its ripening. This cheese is ideal to enjoy as an aperitizer or at the end of a meal with a glass of Quincy or Sancerre.

The Selles-sur-Cher

Renowned for its lightness and finesse, the selle-sur-cher is a rather sweet goat cheese with a small taste of hazelnuts. It is recognized by its pebble shape and its ashy color due to its refining to the charcoal powder. This goat cheese will suit the whole family and will be ideal to finish your meals with originality.

The Valençay

You will recognize it by its pyramid shape and its gray / bluish crust. Its flowery taste will leave you with aromas of dried fruits and nuts on the palate. It reveals all its potential accompanied by a rosé Valençay, red or white.

The Pouligny-saint-pierre

Valencay's first cousin, particularly because of its pyramidal shape, Pouligny-Saint-Pierre is known for its sometimes ivory rind, sometimes stained blue / gray. There are two types of ripening for this cheese: the white ripening, which gives it a rather fruity flavor, and the blue ripening, which gives it more character, a much more assertive taste.

The Sainte-Maure-de-Tauraine

Unlike the others this one is a log, with a gray / blue crust and with a sprig of rye straw in the middle. Rather fruity, this cheese becomes more and more powerful after 1 month of ripening. And for the superstitious, it is said that you should never break the cheese by the finest side, because you could cut the milk of the goat that feeds the kid.

Your trip in Vierzon is a perfect opportunity to taste all our delicious kind of goat cheeses from Berry.
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