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Top 5 of the most unusual things in Berry

Each region has its particularities! Berry is full of them!

We are going to reveal exclusively 5 singular facts that take place here in Berry!

⚠️ Warning: amazement guaranteed!


Fact #1: Get used to saying "Good evening" at 8:00 am!

Yes, yes, we see your amazement through your screen! We warned you!

It's 8:00 a.m., the day has just dawned, and a Berrichon greets you by saying "Good evening". You wonder if he is awake! Well yes! We agree, it is difficult to get used to this somewhat atypical Berrichon tradition...


Fact 2: There are signs to warn of... turtles!

Turtles are very present in the Brenne region (in Indre).
In the land of 1000 ponds, it is not uncommon to come across the European cistude, which swims in full happiness in these marshy places, and which sometimes crosses the road to head for another pond.


Fact 3: Help: a mummy in Châteauroux!

You thought you were in Egypt? Well, almost... Only 5,000 kilometers from Cairo, Châteauroux is also the holder of a mummy... Antinoe's.

So, go to the top floor of the Museum-Hotel Bertrand to have a most unusual encounter!


Fact 4: Celebrate Valentine's Day at Saint-Valentine's village!

Live on love and fresh water in Berry, where you will discover the only French town named after the patron saint of lovers: the Saint-Valentine's village!

Attracted by the name of this town, many tourists come to visit it every year, so it is possible to cross a Japanese couple renewing their vows!


Fact #5: Some serious ass!

You were quietly contemplating the multiple sculptures of the cathedral of Bourges, when suddenly, you thought you had an eye problem... No, we reassure you, you saw them well! They are indeed buttocks hidden on this building classified as a UNESCO heritage site.

Exit the game of 7 differences, have fun instead to find the 7 pairs of buttocks hidden on the facade of this emblematic cathedral. It's your turn to play! 😉
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